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Briquettes Plant India Briquettes Plant India
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Briquettes Plant India Briquettes Plant India
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Briquetting Plant in India
As it provides affordable person-alized Briquetting Press Machines
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Briquetting Plant Manufacturer

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Guidelines for pre-preparation for plant

  • Kindly arrange to get N.A. permission from revenue department for land.
  • Partnership deed is to be made immediately
  • Kindly arrange to apply for TIN, ST and CST numbers immediately. Because, we can not deliver the plant unless you get TIN numbers.
  • You have to apply for necessary electric power both single phase and three phase.
  • You have to arranger for water supply either bore well or local water tap connection and overhead water tank.
  • Please search for exemption for electric duty with department and apply for the same.
  • If your land is on personal name or partner kindly take legal advice for the position you may give on rent the land to the new company.
  • Please supply your present land sketch for proper guidelines of construction.
  • You have arrange for sufficient land for drying raw material which contains moisture more then 10%
  • If there is any subsidy in your state district, kindly get information for the same and arrange to apply for subsidy.

List of pre-preparation and materials to be kept ready by the customer before machine delivery

  • For machine unloading from the truck five ton Chain Pully Block with Ghodi or Crain machine.
  • Cement and concrete for filling foundation bolts.
  • Motor’s starters and electric panel.
  • Three phase and single phase power connection should be ready with main switch and capacitors.
  • One barrel 210 liter lubrication oil, mesh SP 320 IOC/HPCL.
  • Gear oil 15 liter
  • Kerosene 15 liter
  • Cotton waste for cleaning machine parts
  • Welding machine with welding rod (Temporary).
  • Overhead water circulation tank and pipeline should be ready.



Briquette Manufacturer


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